nemoa Boston Meetup

Having some challenges on the WDMA org website. If you’re looking for today’s meetup its at 5:30 or 6pm At the Encore Boston Harbor Nightshift Brewing Pub.

Encore Boston Harbor

Print Crisis: Selling Value with Matthew Parker

Printing AND Mail are on the Decline…

The average “growth” of the printing industry is -3.9% between 2015-2020.* Along with that, direct mail has dropped by 40% since 2007.   If we don’t change, we risk becoming obsolete.

Stop selling on PRICE alone.  Discover the Value your customers are looking for.  MAIL is accountable, testable and verifiable – and drives increased Print volumes.

Special offer to help you and your sales/marketing team get started.

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Rebound ROI – 90 Days Results!

What Keeps Your CEO AWAKE at Night?

Has growth slowed?  Competitive pressures eroded profits?  Can Marketing Machine Learning increase profit and growth. Marketers hope so, but 85% of AI projects fail to deliver ROI.

Predictive Modeling case studies, breakthroughs and head-to-head tests. Finally, we’ll talk about a risk-free way you can guarantee AI ROI in 90 DAYS!

This may be the most important webinar you can attend in the next year.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  Thurs,  June 23rd Noon Chicago Time.

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WDMA Comes to MN – WHY MAIL! The missing link in OmniChannel Marketing

John will be presenting why mail is the most powerful marketing weapon no one is using.  Mail is superior in engagement, attribution and for Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Advertising has been with us only about a decade, but everyone agrees, it is the only reasonable way to acquire customers, build brands and influence the marketplace.   John makes the case that Direct Marketing methods are a far more proven and effective foundation and will also enhance digital effectiveness.  An up-to-the-minute case study illustrates the explosion that can happen with mail as a key.

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