About WDMA

The Wisconsin Direct Marketing Association (WDMA) is the only organization in Wisconsin whose mission is to encourage professional standards and further education in all aspects of direct marketing. As a member your participation and commitment to direct marketing will make a difference.

With the re-launch of WDMA we plan to be even more focused on the core disciplines of direct marketing offering on-line courses so that your new staff can learn from some of the best practitioners in the world.

Other DMA’s may have wandered into psychology or shiny objects but the plan is the fundamentals.

In the words of another great (adopted) Wisconsinite, “Gentlemen, THIS is a football…” Vince L.

By joining the WDMA you connect with a group of fellow Direct Marketing professionals, dedicated to continually moving our discipline forward. Whether you are a veteran to the industry or a newcomer, the WDMA can play a big part in your education, understanding and development of direct marketing.

Membership Benefits:

Seminars that will accelerate your learning of the ever changing world of Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing centered monthly newsletter
Monthly meetups located around the state for networking and information exchange
1/2 price savings for On-Line Courses – help new employees and next-generation understand the fundamentals of Direct Marketing