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Clario’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform helps retailers acquire, retain, and reactivate customers to increase revenue and profitability. Through an easy-to-use interface, Clario reveals insights about a retailer’s customers, their purchases, the marketing driving those purchases (utilizing modeled fractional attribution), and their predicted lifetime value. Clario Labs, our team of marketing strategists, data engineers, and data scientists, provides services ensuring our clients succeed with the SaaS platform.

At the intersection of this customer, purchase, and attributed marketing data lies customer lifetime value (CLV), a measure of the profitability of a customer (or group of customers) over various future time periods.  CLV empowers the marketer to evaluate the worthiness and appropriate magnitude of investment in a customer group. The real magic is when these elements are stitched together (as they are in Clario) to richly explain a desired strategic behavior, such as acquisition, retention, or reactivation, and to provide explicit tactical direction on how to increase the frequency of occurrence of these behaviors (e.g. which customers to target, with what product and promotions, via which marketing channels, campaigns, and even creative).


6600 City West Parkway, Suite 100, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, 55344, United States

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